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Child Find Alberta Celebrates 30 Years of Keeping Children Safe

This Fall is the 30th anniversary of AMECO member organization Child Find Alberta and the 30th anniversary of the Child Find movement in Canada. Since it was established in 1983, the organization has become a leader in educating the public about child safety issues and prevention. In recognition of this milestone anniversary, we interviewed Child Find Alberta’s Executive Director, Brad Bostock.

AMECO: How/why was Child Find Alberta created?

Brad Bostock: Child Find Alberta was formed by a woman who was moved and inspired by the Etan Patz case to become involved in the issue of missing children by assisting families of missing children in Calgary and throughout Alberta. The first major case that the organization became involved in was the Tania Murrell case. Tania went missing on January 20, 1983, and to this day the case remains unsolved. The organization officially incorporated on September 19, 1983, and has been providing services and support to families throughout Alberta.

A: What accomplishment of the organization are you most proud of?

BB: The organization has had many successes and accomplishments that we are very proud of. The greatest accomplishments of the organization have been bringing home over 1,000 missing children and reaching over 250,000 children through our All About Me I.D. and educational programs. Every child that we have touched, supported, and empowered is our greatest accomplishment. Creating awareness and giving children the support that they need to ensure that they grow up in safe environments is what drives us to continue doing the work that we do on a daily basis.

A: Any plans for the anniversary?

BB: To celebrate the anniversary, we are planning a large Gala. This year we will hold our 1st Annual Bright Futures Gala, The Bootlegger’s Ball, and we are excited by the support and engagement from the local community. We look forward to celebrating our milestone with such a unique event. Themed entertainment, a unique venue and an amazing dinner are all part of the plans for the evening.

A: What do you hope the organization will accomplish in the years to come?

BB: Currently, Child Find Alberta is looking to the future and the next 30 years. We are engaged in a strategic planning process that will lay a road map for the next 3 years. This plan will help to define how we offer services to Albertans and what services we will offer. This process allows us to look at our current successes and build upon them to create a stronger organization. We continue to build partnerships with our allies and build upon our existing programming while adding new services and programs to support Albertans. As an integrated member of our community, we look forward to 30 more years of protecting children.

NOTE: Congratulations on this milestone anniversary, Child Find Alberta! We are proud to count you as an AMECO member and look forward to seeing what your organization will accomplish next.